zeneatha casandra barrett
zeneatha casandra barrett
We are so grateful for all the help from Joanne. She is amazing and super helpful. We were finally able to deflate the yoga ball and say goodbye to short naps. We have learnt so much about our little ones sleep and feel more confident about her sleep now. Thank you so much Joanne💗😍 Our 5 month old only fell asleep if we bounced her on the yoga ball and she was fighting her naps constantly. She would only take 5-30 minute naps and it would take us longer to get her to sleep which was draining on us and frustrating for all of us. After Joanne's help our little one falls asleep independently and sleeps longer than an hour for naps. We also started with 5-6 naps and our little one is now down to between 2-3 naps and an earlier bedtime. We were surprised how quickly we started to see results, Joanne is just a superstar.
Roumpini Sot
Roumpini Sot
Joanne came to our life in such a difficult moment and changed it forever! She made sure she understood our habits and needs and gave us a personalised plan to work on that took into consideration the conditions we were facing at the moment. She was super helpful and always available throughout the process. Her tips and recommendations based on the log we were keeping were spot on. She also kept encouraging us the parents and guided us through the tough moments. We now have a structure in our day and night and our quality of life has increased drastically. We loved working with Joanne and we highly recommend her to families who struggle with their baby's sleeping patterns!
Patrycja Trishia Poplawska
Patrycja Trishia Poplawska
Our little Isabella has been a bad sleeper from the start. When the 4 month regression hit, the sleeping became even worse. She would rarely sleep more than an hour, and every time she would need 15 min of rocking to go (back) to sleep. The 2nd half of the night she wouldn’t sleep at all unless she was on mama. Going out with her in the stroller was also very stressful, as she would cry a lot and not able to fall asleep. No one in the house was sleeping anymore, and we were just in survival mode. Something had to change. Fortunately we found Joanne, who gave us the tools and the support to teach Isabella to fall asleep by herself. The biggest change is that Isabella learned to fall asleep by herself, and more importantly, connect sleep cycles without the need of mommy or daddy. Now she sleeps from 20.00 to 7.00 with on average 1 wake-up for a feeding. Before we started this journey we would have never believed this would be possible and especially in such a quick time. We have our evenings and nights back. Everyone in the house sleeps so much better, the positive impact on our lives is difficult to put into words. Not only us as parents can sleep again, also our little one is more rested and calmer. Stroller walks are now stress-free, and we can take the little one out as long as we want, knowing she can sleep when she needs to. Overall, hiring Joanne was our best parenting decision by far.
Susannah Aliwell
Susannah Aliwell
Let me start by saying: if you're reading this and still hesitating about sleep coaching, do yourself a favour and book a call with Joanne. Before working with Joanne, our baby boy would only fall asleep after being rocked for 20 to 30mn, only to wake up again after a short 30mn sleep. After 4 months with little sleep, we were both feeling drained and ready for a change. Within 2 days of starting the programme, we already saw huge improvements in his sleep, and he soon learned how to fall asleep on his own and most importantly, how to stay asleep! Joanne was there every step of the way, encouraging us and making sure we stuck to the programme even during rough patches. Our baby boy is now 10 months old and sleeping like a champion. There are still some bumps here and there of course, teething, illness, travelling, etc.. But Joanne has provided us with the tools and confidence to deal with them, and I can't thank her enough for it.
nadya b.
nadya b.
With my second child, when she was 8 months, I have decided to take a sleep training. I loved the results. After few (tough!) nights she started going to bed easier and sleeping longer streches. Now she goes to bed at 6.30, wakes up at 7am and only wakes up once during the night! What a miracle! I took a small package and Joanne was superhelpful in providing schedules, materials and a follow up guidance. Highly recommended! The only regret I have is that I have not started it earlier.
Natalie Angstadt
Natalie Angstadt
Joanne is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She has been a wealth of resource for our family in getting everyone to sleep, resulting in happy kids and happy parents :).
Rumi Ivanova
Rumi Ivanova
Working with Joanne has been a blessing for our family. She sleep trained my almost-2-year-old and she motivated me through the rough days as we took the pacifier away from kiddo. She checked on us daily, gave great tips and tricks, and supported us beyond my expectations! Thank you Joanne for adjusting to our situation and at the same time giving clear guidelines on what we have to do. Now we all sleep better.
ver ify
ver ify
We had the great pleasure of working with Joanne when our little one was experiencing the 4 months regression: she could not nap for more than 30-45 min during the day after it took us 15-30 min to put her to bed and in the night she was waking us up really often when the pacifier was falling. We really appreciated the methodical approach Joanne had from the beginning: in understanding our reality; defining together the goals we wanted to achieve and designing a sleep plan. It was incredibly helpful to have Joanne anticipate possible reactions and guide us through this plan step by step. We were impressed to see really fast improvements in our little ones’ sleep pattern. In a matter of days she could settle herself back to sleep, increasing her naps to 1.5-2 hours and only waking up for feeds during the night. She became a much happier baby and all the energy she gained was channeled towards learning how to roll 🙂 Bonus points: we could rest so much better and have a much more relaxed day. We would definitely recommend Joanne for any sleep issues your little one might be facing … her knowledge, experience and great support made a huge difference for us.
Hayley Adams
Hayley Adams
Joanne was professional, supportive and communicated really clearly during our time working together. It helped hugely to have her daily guidance and to find a rhythm that works for us. We are now enjoying predictable nap times and consistent sleep through the night. We highly recommend to work with Jo: don’t hesitate, it could be easier to get more sleep than you think.
Anna Szegedi
Anna Szegedi
Working with Joanne was really a pleasure as she understood what we were going through from her own experience. She was very professional and supportive. My daughter is sleeping through the night since then. The difference is incredible! I am happy to recommend her.

Maria, Oscar & Arion (4 months)

I cannot recommend Joanne highly enough. Our 4 month old was waking up every 20 minutes and could only sleep on me. That went on for 6-7 weeks… and stopped within 2 days of starting the sleep training.

Joanne is amazing – she provides personalised planning throughout, is always available to guide you through the drama and rationalise when it gets tough. Her outstanding work ethic and commitment set her apart.

With our eldest we worked with another very well-known sleep consultancy in Amsterdam… not by a mile close to the quality of work she delivers. Sleep deprived parents – do yourself a favour and book a consultation with Joanne today.

Hannah, Dan & Jula (16 months)

I really cannot thank Jo enough for the help she has given me and my family. Our first child was an excellent sleeper but then we had baby number two and she was the total opposite.

Jo made me feel totally comfortable from the start, and I didn’t at feel like we were “sleep training.” She really listened to my wishes and was very flexible with our family’s needs. Our little girl had been waking 3,4 or even 5 times a night every night since being a month old. I really believed that was just her “thing”, and that we were past change. But within 2 weeks after taking on Jo’s guidance and daily support, Jula was only waking once occasionally, then within another week, she was sleeping around the clock and waking a happier and much more rested baby. She is also happily going off to sleep by herself at 6:45pm without me feeding, patting, creeping out etc. Now even Daddy can take her to bed. I felt like my nightly breastfeeding would never come to an end. I am so grateful for a full night sleep and feel so much happier knowing the whole family is sleeping much more soundly.

Thank you for all your time Jo, for really getting to know us and giving us all what we really needed. We really are so grateful!

Ross, Hayley & Anya (7 months)

Joanne was professional, supportive and communicated really clearly during our time working together. It helped hugely to be have her daily guidance and to find a rhythm that works for us. We are now enjoying predictable nap times and consistent sleep through the night. We highly recommend to work with Jo: don’t hesitate, it could be easier to get more sleep than you think. 

Natasha, Jack & Mila (12 weeks)

Jo was recommended by a friend to help with my 3 month old’s routine and sleep habits. We had no routine in place and assumed that babies just didn’t sleep through the night or take their naps given that’s what we had been repeatedly told by friends! I spoke to Jo who give us a clear plan to follow and new strategies to use to help get Mila to sleep. We’ve been following the routine for about a month now and in that time Mila’s overnight sleep has improved so she is now doing much longer stretches of night-time sleep. She also takes 3 to 4 naps in her crib during the day without being fed to sleep. This is a great improvement considering she would often go all day without a nap! She now has a set bedtime routine which has meant my husband and I can have some quality time together in the evening. Jo was constantly a phone call or a WhatsApp message away and really encouraged me to stick to the plan even on the harder days. I probably wouldn’t have stuck to the routine if it wasn’t for Jo checking in and guiding me through the bumps in the road, something I wouldn’t have had if I had followed a plan that I’d found online or in a book. I would definitely recommend Jo if your little one is struggling with sleep!

Lauren, Paul & Charlotte (12 months)

We wish we would have started this sooner. Charlotte was a baby who rarely napped and woke frequently throughout the night. After 12 months of interrupted sleep enough was enough and we needed help. Joanne was wonderful and gave us personalised advice and created a sleep plan to help get Charlotte into a good sleeping routine. Whenever we had any concerns Joanne was always a phone call away providing us with the best advice and reassurance. Charlotte now has regular naps and sleeps consistently at night and is such a happier baby. Not only did Joanne help with Charlotte’s sleeping schedule she also helped us as a family to spend more 1:1 time with our other children. We cannot thank Jo enough and wished we would have done this sooner!

Annabelle, Scot & Atlas (15 months)

I don’t know why we didn’t think of this sooner. We exhausted ourselves before considering that we could get professional help for our terrible sleeper. Our son is 15 months, and pretty much from birth has been sleep averse, much to our distress.
Had an initial call with Joanne, and she offered some tips straight away while we decided if sleep training was really right for us. Joanne was immediately friendly and relatable, and I enjoyed speaking with her.
Our plan lasted 2 weeks, and we trialed and error-ed 3 different strategies, and when it seemed like nothing would work she offered to extend until we found something that would stick. She worked with us to make changes we never would have imagined and helped us to see things from a new perspective. Our opinions counted and we never did anything we were not happy or comfortable with.
Our son is now in a routine; we still have ups and downs, and it can still be a challenge, but we have confidence in our decisions. In fact, when discussing any changes we will make we always open with “what would Joanne advise” and go from there.
By the end of our time together, it was worth the investment. Having a happy baby, functioning on 14 hours of sleep was very important to us and together with Joanne, I believe we have come very very close to this. At all times Joanne was friendly, open and honest. She called us out on things, but always offering a solution or advice. I would also like Joanne to be my best friend 🙂 she really was invaluable.

Jen, Chris & Archer (6 months)

After finding Joanne online and utilising her free phone call I knew that she would be the best fit for our family. I had reached my breaking point with my then 5 month old who had never slept longer than 4 hours at a time and who, by the end of the 4 month regression, refused to sleep in his own space and was waking hourly and only doing contact naps in the day. I was touched out, burnt out and emotionally drained. Joanne was empathetic, reassuring and supportive and in no way pushy, even up to the week before we started Joanne making sure I was ready to start the process.

Throughout the two weeks support I was understandably anxious but Joanne was there for us every step of the way with words of encouragement and also motivation and a bit of tough love when we needed to toughen up. Joanne as a person goes out of her way to find some common ground with you and quite often it felt like talking to a friend and as a new mum in lockdown that was certainly welcomed.

Her method was gentle but firm allowing for rapid change and results which was amazing for us as it brought much needed rest for our entire family!

We’ve finished our two weeks and we are seeing our little boy sleeping independently and for the majority of the night only being woken for a feed and we feel equipped with the knowledge we need to go forward to continue to support him to sleep well and soundly.  

Jane, Pete & Luca (9 months)

Joanne is fantastic. My 9 month old was waking up 6 times a night, never napping properly and always needing my help to get back to sleep. We were both not getting enough sleep.

Joanne talked me through the reasons why he wasn’t sleeping well and outlined the ways we could help him to have better sleeping habits. She then gave me a few different options so that I could choose what I was most comfortable with.

For the first two weeks she was in daily contact to check how everything was going and being very supportive and encouraging when we had a tough night. Now, my son sleeps through the night and has great naps during the day. We are all so much happier for it and I wish we had started earlier.

I highly recommend Joanne. She is friendly, helpful and really knows her stuff!

Alex, Scott & Bobby (8 months)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you a million times over for all the support and guidance you have given us and how you were always there even on the toughest days!!

You didn’t lie when you said it was a journey, but thanks to you we have final got a happy and content family. Bobby sleeps better than I ever thought possible. I am better rested and as a result a much better mummy!!!

Jo, you are the most patient and understanding person and I don’t think we would have got to this point without that. The fact that you can relate and are able to establish some common ground with us has definitely given me that extra confidence I needed. I cannot recommend you enough and I hope you get the opportunity to help many more parents and their babies as you really are a baby sleep whisperer!!

Jorinde, Joshua & Merle (Newborn)

This year I became a mother for the second time. As a second time mum I knew how important it was for me to look after myself. So out of self care I started taking regular advice from Joanne. I had no idea you could already develop positive sleeping routines and patterns for a newborn.

Joanne was excited and happy to answer all the questions I had. She taught me the basics of sleep and the sleeping needs a baby / child has in various stages of their life. Also (which was a big bonus) she had tips for my own sleeping routine.

Within 4 months my baby girl started to sleep through the night, which made it so much easier for me to recover, get back to work and have more fun being a mother. 

I couldn’t believe she would sleep through so fast, but Joanne never doubted our ability to make it happen. She kept on giving practical advice for me and my family to make it work.

Even to this day, I can still reach out to Joanne to get advice. I think what makes her so good at her work is that she empathises with my particular situation and gives advice based on that. 

She is not fixed to her theories, but understands that every child and family is different and has a need for different advice. 

I know some families wait to hire a sleep consultant up until the point where they are exhausted, perhaps in despair, and don’t know what else to do.

I am so happy I asked Joanne when I clearly needed some help, so I was able to take care of my family and myself. 

Working with Joanne is such a benefit to your family because everything works better when you get your rest and your little one is happily sleeping. 

I couldn’t recommend her enough to new families.

Tajana, Joao & Viggo (6 months)

Joanne has been an amazing help!
Our baby boy was an extremely bad sleeper. He fought sleep aggressively, he would wake up the moment I would try to put him to his bed and would take hours of putting back to sleep at night by rocking and carrying him around. At the time he was 5 months old and the only way he would sleep was on me but would frequently wake up and would take quite some time getting back to sleep. Although initially sceptical about sleep training and wondering if it would be the right choice for our baby, after 2-3 hours of sleep per night and barely functional, we decided to work with Joanne and sleep train our baby. It has been the best thing we have done and a serious game changer for our family. Within 2 days he started sleeping on his own with only one night waking to feed and within 7-10 days he would fall asleep within minutes with little to no complaining. His day naps got longer and more consistent and he started sleeping more at night and being more rested which really showed in his mood. I would absolutely recommend Joanne to any parent struggling with sleepless nights – while being extremely understanding and nice, her methods really work. She has been an amazing support and communicated with us on a daily basis while tracking our baby’s sleeping habits to make sure the plan was always addressing our sons needs and progress. Feeling extremely thankful for all the help while we are watching our baby on a baby-monitor sleeping soundly!

Khanya, Simon & Khanya (6 months)

Our son was an ok sleeper until the dreaded 4 months regression and things were never quite the same after that. He would wake up every 1,5 – 2 hours every night and would only nap for 30 minutes at the most. Sleep seemed unattainable for all of us but we still struggled with what to do.

For any new parent, going on a sleep training journey is never easy and Joanne gave us all of the information and space to help us make the decision in our own time. She was very responsive to all our questions and worries and held our hands every step of the way. She not only coaches you for 2 weeks but also leaves you with extensive resources to overcome sleep challenges in upcoming growth milestones as your baby develops.

We now have a great sleeper. Our son sleeps through the night and now does much longer naps consistently at home. We wouldn’t be here without Joanne.